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Coloquios del Departamento 2016

Coloquios del Departamento de Matemática 2016

Coloquios 2016


Jueves 3 de noviembre de 2016 - 15.00 horas

Aula: E24 - Pabellón I

Porf. Jean-Philippe Lessard de la Universidad Laval

Rigorously verified computing for infinite dimensional nonlinear dynamics: a functional analytic approach

Resumen: Studying and proving existence of solutions of nonlinear dynamical systems using standard analytic techniques is a challenging problem. In particular, this problem is even more challenging for partial differential equations, variational problems or functional delay equations which are naturally defined on infinite dimensional function spaces. The goal of this talk is to present rigorous numerical technique relying on functional analytic and topological tools to prove existence of steady states, time periodic solutions, traveling waves and connecting orbits for the above mentioned dynamical systems. We will spend some time identifying difficulties of the proposed approach as well as time to identify future directions of research.

Jueves 13 de octubre de 2016 - 15.00 horas

Aula: E24 - Pabellón I

Prof. Carsten Trunk - TU Ilmenau, Alemania

Spectrum and Analyticity of Semigroups arising in Hydromechanics

Resumen: Small transverse oscillations of a horizontal pipe carrying steady-state fluid of an ideal incompressible fluid or beams with damping can be described by (linear) partial differential equations of two variables (time and position). The partial differential equation can be rewritten as a second order (with respect to time) system with unbounded self adjoint/accretive differential operators as coefficients. This second order equation is equivalent to a standard first-order Cauchy problem with a 2x2 block operator matrix with the unbounded differential operators as entries. It is well-known that this 2x2 block operator matrix generates a semigroup of contraction. We focus on two properties of the operator matrix: Location of the spectrum and analyticity of the generated semigroup.

Jueves 6 de octubre de 2016 - 15.00 horas

Aula: E24 - Pabellón I

Prof. Cleon Barroso - Universidade Federal do Ceará, Fortaleza - Brasil

An introduction to fixed point theory and its applications

Resumen: The aim of this talk is to make a brief introduction to the Fixed Point Theory and its applications. The first portion of the talk is dedicated to an elementary overview of the theory, bringing to light motivation and historical aspects. The second and last portion of the talk highlights some interesting applications of the theory in several areas of science.

Lunes 19 de septiembre de 2016 - 15.00 horas

Aula: E24 - Pabellón I

Prof. Antonio Campillo - Universidad de Valladolid

Funciones zeta en topología y en combinatoria


Presentaremos analogías en las descripciones de algunas funciones zeta, como las asociadas a la monodromía en topología o las asociadas a los grafos en combinatoria, incluyendo versiones de estas funciones en varias variables. Mostraremos relaciones entre ellas, consecuencias y resultados recientes sobre los problemas matemáticos que se estudian por medio de dichas funciones zeta.


Jueves 8 de septiembre de 2016 - 15.00 horas

Aula: 2 - Pabellón I

Prof. Frank Morgan - Williams College

Double Soap Bubbles


A round soap bubble provides the least-perimeter way to enclose a given volume of air. The Double Bubble Theorem says that the familiar double bubble you get when two soap bubbles come together provides the least-perimeter way to enclose and separate two given volumes of air. We discuss such results and open questions in various spaces. The show will include a little guessing contest with demonstrations, explanations, and prizes. No prerequisites, families welcome.

Jueves 11 de agosto de 2016 - 15.00 horas

Aula: E24 - Pabellón I

Prof. Leo Rolla - Investigador IMAS-CONICET

Let´s just hope this queue won´t last forever

Resumen: Whenever we are in a bank waiting for the display to show our number, join the supermarket checkout line, call IT to fix our computer, send a document to a shared printer, download a file that needs to travel through a chain of servers until it reaches our tablets, or enroll in the waitlist in front of a full restaurant, we see examples of systems consisting of a certain random demand and a structure that provides the required service. We will discuss some features of such systems, in particular the most basic property, which is the queue not growing indefinitely.


Jueves 28 de abril de 2016 - 15.00 horas

Aula: E24 - Pabellón I

Prof. Marcone Pereira - Universidad de San Pablo

The heat equation in thin plates

Resumen: In the modeling process is natural to undervalue certain quantities when compared to others. For instance, we can mention the ocean depth compared with its extension, the circulatory system versus the cross section of a vein, the cross section of a tree trunk and its height. In any case, such amounts are there and should not be ignored. In this talk, we deal with the heat conduction equation in a thin plate aiming to introduce some ideas of how we can study partial differential equations in thin structures.

Jueves 14 de abril de 2016 - 15.00 horas

Aula: E24 - Pabellón I

Dr. Guillermo Matera - Universidad Nacional General Sarmiento

Estimaciones sobre la cantidad ded soluciones de ecuaciones polinomiales sobre cuerpos finitos y aplicaciones

Resumen: El estudio del conjunto de soluciones de ecuaciones polinomiales sobre cuerpos finitos es un tema clásico, cuyos orígenes se pueden rastrear en trabajos de Gauss y Jacobi, y ha ocupado entre otros a Hardy, Littlewood, Chevalley, Davenport, Weil, Lang y Deligne. En esta charla vamos a discutir algunos resultados de existencia y estimaciones recientes sobre la cantidad de soluciones de ecuaciones polinomiales sobre cuerpos finitos. Asimismo, vamos a comentar sobre aplicaciones de tales resultados a problemas de teoría de códigos, criptografía y combinatoria.


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