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Martin Szyld

Welcome to my home page!

Contact Information

Oficina E-25 - Departamento de Matemática

Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires

(C1428EHA) Pabellón I - Ciudad Universitaria - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Tel: (5411) 4576 3390/6 - E-mail:

I'm currently a JTP (Lecturer), and also a Postdoctoral fellow of CONICET.

Research Interests

  • Category theory. In particular higher category theory.
  • Representation theory. In particular Galois and Tannaka theories.
  • Model 2-categories and its applications.

that's me!


  • 2017, A general limit lifting theorem for 2-dimensional monad theory, to appear in Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra. arXiv:1702.03303.
  • 2016, On the notion of flat 2-functors (joint with Descotte M.E. and Dubuc E. J.) arXiv: 1610.09429.
  • 2016, A construction of certain weak colimits and an exactness property of the 2-category of categories (joint with Descotte M.E. and Dubuc E. J.). arXiv:1610.02453.
  • 2016, Tannaka theory over sup-lattices and descent for topoi (joint with Dubuc E. J.), Theory and Applications of Categories volume 31, p. 852-906. Freely available at TAC website.
  • 2013, A Tannakian Context For Galois Theory (joint with Dubuc E. J.), Advances In Mathematics volume 234, p. 528-549. arXiv:1110.6411.


Below is some information on most of the talks I gave. I agree with Dr Z's opinion on blackboard talks, so I often don't use slides, and when I do, they don't hold that much information. But feel free to contact me for more info on any of the talks below!


Always check the links below for updated information on each course.

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